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Top 5 Oculus Releases – June 2nd-8th – Of Mice and Men

With all the big news coming out from E3, you might need a break to catch up with the week’s top five Oculus releases slipping in under the radar:


from Polyarc

Moss - screenshot courtesy Steam
Moss – screenshot courtesy Steam

The winner of multiple awards – including Best VR game at least year’s E3 – Moss is an action adventure involving an adorable mouse in a fantasy world.

Released last year for PSVR and out this week for Oculus Rift, this is a must-play, especially for fans of the Redwall books or comic series like Mouse Guard and Mice Templar.

Oculus Rift | 12 GB | $29.99 from Oculus or from Steam


from E McNeil

Astraeus - screenshot courtesy Steam
Astraeus – screenshot courtesy Steam

E McNeil is quickly developing a reputation for well executed, futuristic strategy games for VR. Astraeus continues that trajectory with minimalist neon graphics and polished RTS mechanics of previous releases like Skylight and Darknet, this time in service of a game about using drone fleets to mine asteroids.

Oculus Rift | 1 GB | $14.99 from Oculus or from Steam

Lila’s Tale

from Skullfish Studios

Lila's Tale - screenshot courtesy Oculus
Lila’s Tale – screenshot courtesy Oculus

Don’t be fooled by the images of dungeons and dragons; Lila’s Tale isn’t an RPG, but rather a beautiful puzzle adventure for mobile VR featuring cleverly designed puzzles, a gorgeous cut-out art style, and a charming story appropriate for all ages.

Oculus Go | 352 MB | $4.99 from Oculus
Gear VR | 352 MB | $4.99 from Oculus

Drops: Rhythm Garden

from Particle Inc.

Drops: Rhythm Garden - screenshot courtesy Steam
Drops: Rhythm Garden – screenshot courtesy Steam

VR is an ideal method of teaching non-musicians about musical concepts, as Drops: Rhythm Garden does with polyphonic rhythm. Use a series of shapes and sounds designed by DJ and remix artist Patrick Russell and avant-garde composer and guitarist Patrick Higgins to create intricate rhythms within a meditative semi-abstract landscape.

Oculus Rift | 500 MB | $6.99 from Oculus or from Steam

Funny Farm

from VRtual Games

Funny Farm - screenshot courtesy Oculus
Funny Farm – screenshot courtesy Oculus

Previously released for Oculus Rift, the pastoral mini-games on offer from Funny Farm seem particularly well-suited to the more casual platform of mobile VR.

Oculus Go | 197 MB | $1.99 from Oculus
Gear VR | 197 MB | $1.99 from Oculus

Top 5 Oculus Releases – May 12th-25th – Ideas in Flight

As we busy ourselves gearing up for this year’s VRTO, here’s a double-sized top five Oculus releases article, covering the past two weeks. Along with a couple of big releases – including an alternate history science fiction offering and a narrative-driven fantasy bow simulator – we’ve also got some lesser known offerings which all happen to revolve around flight to some degree:

Red Matter

by Vertical Robot

Red Matter - screenshot courtesy Oculus
Red Matter – screenshot courtesy Oculus

Set in a research base on one of the moons of Saturn, Red Matter is a puzzle-based adventure game that stands out for both its atmospheric pacing – no jump scares here, just a slowly building tension – and its setting.

Developers Vertical Robot conjure an alternate Cold War environment via Brutalist design and Socialist Realism art that wonderfully compliments the game’s quiet oppressiveness and brings a fresh spin on the “abandoned space station” trope.

Oculus Rift | 3.2 GB | $34.99 from Oculus

SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale

by Odd Meter

SACRALITH - screenshot courtesy Steam
SACRALITH – screenshot courtesy Steam

Archery simulators are quickly becoming one of the more popular genres for VR, but SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale is one of the best. Aside from gorgeous graphics and perfectly implemented bow mechanic, developers Odd Meter deliver an experience that can be described as “epic fantasy” without exaggeration.

Oculus Rift | 11 GB | $19.99 from Steam

TSA Frisky

by Out There Entertainment

TSA Frisky - screenshot courtesy Steam
TSA Frisky – screenshot courtesy Steam

Influenced by Job Simulator and originally created as a student project at the Savannah College of Art and Design, TSA Frisky is all but guaranteed to amuse anyone who enjoys the hectic pace of games like Cook! Serve! Delicious! or who has been ever been inconvenienced by air travel.

Oculus Rift | 5 GB | $14.99 from Steam

Drone Hero

from Neuston AB

Drone Hero - screenshot courtesy Steam
Drone Hero – screenshot courtesy Steam

The concept of Drone Hero is simple enough – flying an RC quadcopter drone in VR – but the pitch-perfect flight controls and numerous challenges, from crowded night clubs to heist movie laser security systems, that make this release so compelling.

Oculus Rift | 300 MB | $9.99 from Steam

Ace Phantom

from Vanguard Co.

Ace Phantom - screenshot courtesy Oculus
Ace Phantom – screenshot courtesy Oculus

A beautifully implemented transformer-style mecha flight combat game, Ace Phantom is the closest you can get to living out your Robotech and Macross fantasies in mobile VR.

Oculus Go | 465 MB | $4.99 from Oculus
Gear VR | 465 MB | $4.99 from Oculus

Top 5 Oculus Releases – May 5th-11th 2018 – Dig That Western Vibe

For some reason, several of our top Oculus picks this week have a sort of alternate western flavor – but whether it’s gun-slinging or the comparatively peaceful pursuit of seeking your fortune down in the mines, we’ve got you covered:

Cave Digger

from Mekiwi

Cave Digger - screenshot courtesy Steam
Cave Digger – screenshot courtesy Steam

From pickaxes to nukes, select your tools, plunge into subterranean depths and try and get that big score. Cave Digger brings the addictive mining action from the likes of Minecraft, Terraria and Steamworld Dig into VR, and while the initial tools are primitive, the more veins you mine, the fancier gear you can obtain (and yes, we did say “nukes”).

Not sure if you’d really “dig” mining (pun intended)? Not to worry, as this offering from Mekiwi is totally free.

Oculus Rift | 400 MB | FREE from Steam

The ArcSlinger

from Big Red Button Entertainment

The ArcSlinger - screenshot courtesy Steam
The ArcSlinger – screenshot courtesy Steam

Another game with quasi-Western themes, The ArcSlinger eschews the recently trendy “Weird West” tropes of ghosts and gunslingers in favor of a more science fiction approach. A story-driven shooter featuring voice acting from Nolan North and Jessica DiCicco, this was originally released for Google Daydream before being upgraded for Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Oculus Rift | 3 GB | $17.99 from Oculus or from Steam
Oculus Go | 78 MB | $7.99 from Oculus
Gear VR | 78 MB | $7.99 from Oculus

Wheelchair Simulator VR

from ViRa Games

Wheelchair Simulator VR - screenshot courtesy Steam
Wheelchair Simulator VR – screenshot courtesy Steam

Narrated by Dmytro Schebetyuk and based on his own experiences as a wheelchair user, Wheelchair Simulator VR is at once an entertaining game, an unexpected work-out and a wry and sarcastic exploration of disability. Plus, proceeds go toward the Dostupno UA initiative, which supports accessibility initiatives in Schebetyuk’s native Ukraine.

Oculus Rift | 2 GB | $9.99 from Oculus or from Steam

Escape First

from OnSkull Games

Escape First - screenshot courtesy Steam
Escape First – screenshot courtesy Steam

Building on the studio’s experience designing multi-player escape rooms for VR (OnSkull Games released the free Tales of Escape last year), Escape First features three new scenarios for up to six players. Tense and challenging, this one also has a “versus” mode for a more competitive experience, though we prefer the shared sense of panic that comes from the standard cooperative mode.

Oculus Rift | 4 GB | $5.99 from Steam


from MadAboutGamesStudios

Reficul - screenshot courtesy Steam
Reficul – screenshot courtesy Steam

Gloriously over-the-top survival horror in the classic mode, Reficul pulls out all the stops while using several mechanical innovations – like a menu-free visual inventory system – to bring the flavor of the early Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark games into the VR space.

Oculus Rift | 13 GB | $14.99 from Steam