The Big List of Oculus Games

Please enjoy this list of games and experience released for Quest, Oculus Rift and Go. You can access the catalog for each type of head-mounted display sold by Oculus by clicking on their tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Also, don’t forget to scroll down…

Note: this is a live document and work-in-progress and always being improved and updated. We kindly ask that if you reference this particular list, you do link back to this page as a credit for our team. For now, the list begins in 2019 – the year the Oculus Quest was released. We may eventually go back to 2015. Hopefully, this will help you with some ideas for what to buy for your Oculus gear and show that there is a LOT of quality content out there already!

Maybe you feel bad that you didn’t get a Quest in time and instead opted for a Go, which was on sale. Well, fear not! There are many many incredible experiences for your 3DOF (three degrees of freedom) Go or even Gear VR! We have even highlighted many experiences that are completely free to add to your catalog. Also, far from a mere 360 video player, the Go now features such experiences as The Blu (WEVR) and Virtual Virtual Reality (Tender Claws). Moreover, if you have a Plex account, you can watch 3D Blockbusters on jumbo screen from the comfort of your bed.

And don’t poo-poo the amazing collection of 5k, 8k and even 10k spherical videos now available on YouTube. It is time to revisit 360-degree content and go on some serious adventures.

This list is not comprehensive; however, we can assure you that there is no other list like this on the internet. We have assembled it from many catalogs.

If you would like to send us any updates or suggestions, about this list, please use our contact form!

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