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Masterpiece X: Unleashes the Creative Power of 3D Remixing for Modern Creators

Masterpiece Studio has introduced Masterpiece X, a cutting-edge 3D remix platform designed for modern creators. In collaboration with Meta, Masterpiece Studio aims to revolutionize the creation of 3D media for the rapidly expanding user base of over 20 million Meta Quest 2 headset owners. This innovation is driven by the rise of platforms like TikTok, augmented reality filters, and avatars, and the solution is 3D Remixing.

Remixing, a universal and intuitive method of content creation where new content is generated from existing material, is already a common practice among creators of various backgrounds, often unconsciously. However, the concept of remixing 3D assets has been relatively unexplored due to a lack of user-friendly software. Now, with the advent of Masterpiece X, 3D remixing is gaining traction and unlocking the creative potential for everyone to engage in 3D content creation effortlessly.


Jonathan Gagne, the Founder and CEO of Masterpiece Studio, likens the process of 3D remixing to that of a DJ, allowing individuals to unleash their creativity by transforming and remixing 3D assets according to their imaginative vision. No longer do creators have to start from scratch, endure complex tutorials, or wait for inspiration. Masterpiece X empowers and facilitates the 3D creation process by providing a range of features, such as starting with existing models from the Community Library, intuitive remixing of various aspects including shape, texture, and animation, fostering a community of like-minded creators for sharing and learning, contributing back to the Community Library to inspire others, and discovering new sources of inspiration.

Masterpiece X offers simple and intuitive control over all major stages of the 3D creation process and is compatible with Meta Quest 2. The Community Library plays a vital role in enabling 3D remixing, serving as a growing resource of freely available 3D assets, including models, textures, and animations. These assets are curated and owned collectively by the community, making them accessible for creative endeavors.

While the platform’s end-to-end generative AI functionality is currently in limited access, interested individuals can join the waitlist for future access. To experience the editing and remixing capabilities of 3D models, users can download the Masterpiece X app directly or find more information at www.masterpiecex.com.

Masterpiece Studio’s overarching vision is to simplify 3D creation. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of 3D creation software has garnered recognition over the past eight years. As proud members of esteemed industry associations such as the Khronos Group and the Metaverse Standards Forum, Masterpiece Studio remains at the forefront of advancements in the field.

Check out the announce trailer for Masterpiece X below: